what does lordering mean

What we found is the meaning for loitering:

1.a. To stand idly about; linger without any purpose.
1. b. Law: To violate a law or ordinance that prohibits persons from remaining in a given location without a clear purpose for an extended period of time, especially when behaving in a manner indicating a possible threat to persons or property in the vicinity.
2. To hover over or remain near an area
3. To proceed slowly or with many stops
4. To act slowly or with leisure; take one's time

The term loitering refers to lingering or hanging around in a public area without any apparent purpose for being there. In some areas loitering is illegal. Laws of each jurisdiction define how long a person might hang around before it is considered too long. If a person loiters with the intent to commit another crime, the charges can be more serious than the usually minor crime of loitering.

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Wednesday, October 05 2016
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