What does it mean when your time warner cable box reads E -8

There is no published information regarding the E 8 error code. For questions about Time Warner Cable's services or any urgent matters, please call 1-888-TW-Cable (1-888-892-2253) or 1-866-668-6044.

Try these following steps to reboot your cable box: Turn the TV off. Unplug the cable box power cord from the power outlet / powerstrip (Wait 10 seconds). Plug the cable box power cord back into the power outlet / powerstrip. Wait for the cable box to display the current time. Turn the cable box on. Turn the TV on. Wait several minutes for the box to sync back with our system. If you have Navigator 2.5, simply press and hold the POWER button on your remote for 6 seconds and the set-top box will start the reboot process.

In recent news this week, Time Warner Cable Inc., the second- largest US cable company, said that it has resolved intermittent technical problems that had prevented some customers from using its home-phone service. More than 800,000 customers had been potentially affected. Time Warner Cable served about 5 million residential phone subscribers as of December 31, 2012. The recent technical issue was preventing home phone customers from placing or receiving calls on an intermittent basis. Emergency calls were still getting through during this outage.

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