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Since the Texas Lottery sold its first ticket in 1992, players have won more than $53 billion ($53,659,739,324) in prizes through July 31, 2017. See more winners in their Winners Gallery. Read news about winners, winning tickets remaining, new games, and more in Winners!

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In latest buzz, If you had the numbers 9-21-30-32-75 — with the number 9 Mega Ball — on your Feb. 21 Mega Millions ticket, it was worth $1 million.

Key word there is was. The deadline to claim that jackpot was Sunday, unless the form was in the mail and had already been postmarked.

“Buying a ticket is only half of it,” said Robert Rivera, a former longtime Arlington councilman who serves on the Texas Lottery Commission. “You have to pay attention and go out and claim it. “But in the event someone doesn’t, the ultimate winner becomes the state of Texas — the people of Texas, rather.”

Unclaimed prize money goes to the Foundation School Fund, which is overseen by the Texas Education Agency and helps fund school needs across the state ranging from bilingual education to special education, according to the Texas Lottery Commission. Read more at Fort Worth Star Telegram.

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