What are some funny names for people with big ears or big forehead?

What we only found were some names for 'pet with big ears', and these are: Bugs bunny, Dumbo, Eeyore, Yoda, Alf, Droopy, Gromit, Moose and Foxy.

Making up silly nicknames for someone is not advisable as it will make an impact on their self-esteem.

Name calling often occurs in jokes. Kids and adults alike may tease one another by making up silly nicknames for each other or call each other names almost out of friendship or affection. However, name calling can quickly get taken too far and be pushed into the bullying category.

Being funny is a serious business. Everyone has a funny bone hidden somewhere, but using it at the right time and right place is clearly not everyone’s forte. Here are some tips on how to be funny shared by Personalitytutor.com.