On page 375 of the bible does it say "Jebus"

What we found is that "Jebus" is in the Book of Judges. In Jdg 19:10,11, "Jebus (the same is Jerusalem)"; 1 Ch 11:4,5, "Jerusalem (the same is Jebus)."

As per Bible-history.com, it was once thought that this was the first name of Jerusalem, as indeed might be suggested by the Biblical references, but it is now known from the Tell el-Amarna Letters that Urusa-lem was a name used centuries before the time of David (see JERUSALEM, I).

It would appear probable that the name "Jebus" was evolved by the Hebrews as an alternate name, and possibly they may have imagined an earlier name, for Jerusalem from JEBUSITE (which see), the name of the local tribe who owned the district in the first centuries of Israel's occupation of Canaan.

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Friday, June 09 2017
Source: http://www.bible-history.com/isbe/J/JEBUS/