Is there secret passages in the biltmore house?

Yes, the Biltmore Estate actually has a handful of secret passages, which really shouldn't be a surprise in a house with a staggering 250 rooms!

There's one in the library; a balcony winds around the room to a hidden passage leading to other floors of the house.

Another is a hidden door panel by the fireplace in the Billiard room which lead to the Bachelors' Wing; it holds a Smoking Room and a Gun Room.

We've also read that there's a trap door in the Winter garden, and a secret tunnel in the sub-basement that leads to the courtyard outside.

The Girl and Globe offers Tips for Visiting the Biltmore Estate, TripAdvisor provides Tips before you visit Biltmore Estate, and offers their Biltmore Estate Insider's Guide.

In "tis the season" news, TimesNews is reporting that Biltmore has decked the halls for Christmas, featuring around 30,000 lights, 150 candles, and hundreds of live poinsettias and other plants.

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