Is there a limit how much you can send someone via MoneyGram?

Yes there are limits on how much you can send.

You may send up to $899.99 per Transfer and up to $3,000 every 30 calendar days from your Internet Sender Profile. For certain Billers, you may send up to $2,500 per day. The limit of $3,000 every 30 calendar days still applies.

The transfer limit for an online ExpressPayment transfer is either $899.99 or $2,500 depending on your Biller. You may send up to $10,000 in person at a MoneyGram location near you. Visit MoneyGram for more information.

In current news, PayPal and Moneygram partnership goes live in US! PayPal has hooked up with Moneygram to allow US account holders to withdraw money direct from their PayPal account at any US Moneygram location. Check out more here.

Updated on Friday, August 09 2013 at 04:33AM EDT
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