Is the the spanish show caso cerrado scripted or real

Sources suggest some parts of the show are improvised and are re-enactments of actual cases. But according to, the Spanish show Caso Cerrado features real people seeking advice from host Dr. Ana María Polo and featured cases come from real life.

"Caso Cerrado" is considered the most successful court show in Spanish-language television, ranked as the number one Spanish-language program in its time slot across key demos.

The series was the first Spanish language show nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2010. The host of the show, Dr. Ana Maria Polo, has been recognized and received several awards, including the prestigious Mike Leland Award in 2011. Also in the same year, she was named the first Hispanic ambassador for the renowned national non-profit organization Stand up to Cancer.

Cases often deal with family drama, property ownership, roommate conflicts, divorce proceedings, infidelity, incest, bestiality, demon possessions, vampire identity issues, etc. Check out these 21 life lessons from "Caso Cerrado" shared by

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