Is Sidney Crosby left handed?

Yes, Sidney Crosby is a lefty. In 2010, Crosby smashed a 370-foot home run from the lefthanded batter's box during a visit to Pirates batting practice.

“It was halfway up the deck there above the Clemente Wall – pretty impressive,” former Pirates first baseman Sean Casey said.

“I’ve never done that before,” smiled Crosby just seconds after hitting his blast. “I had a little bit of an edge because of I am a lefty. To be able to come out here was awesome and to be able to put one out was great.”

As per Denver Post, right-handed hockey players typically don’t shoot right. They’re lefties. And left-handed players shoot right. Typically.

The dominant hand is usually the top hand on the stick, the one that steers the poke check and promotes catching the puck with the hand you would catch with a baseball mitt. But in a random study in the Avalanche locker room, players unanimously said there is no “right” or wrong way to hold your stick.

“You just pick up a stick and whatever hand you are, you are,” said right-handed, left-shooting center Matt Duchene. “Most right-handed throwers are left-handed shots because you steer the stick with your top hand. But you very rarely see a left thrower that’s shoots left.”

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