is kate beckinsale in the tv series conviction?

No. Kate Beckinsale is not in the drama series Conviction. You must have mistaken her for Hayley Atwell as some people claim that they look alike.

See full cast of the TV Series on IMDb.

After starring roles on the British stage and in small American films, Kate Beckinsale had her first taste of blockbuster success with the 2001 film Pearl Harbor. Her career transformed in 2003 into that of an action star with Underworld, a horror/action film that became an international hit.

In 2003, Kate Beckinsale took on the starring role of a vampire in the supernatural action/horror movie Underworld. While the film was nearly universally panned by critics, the moviegoing public swept it to the top of the box office, and it raked in over $95 million worldwide.

In latest buzz, Kate Beckinsale is the latest actress to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sėxual harassment. On Thursday, the Underworld star claimed her career suffered after rejecting the movie mogul’s sėxual advances starting at the age of 17.

In a statement released to her Instagram, Beckinsale, 44, detailed her alleged experiences with the producer, saying he showed up to a meeting in a bathrobe and offered her alcohol when she was just a teenager. Read more at

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Friday, October 13 2017