is Justin Bieber going to North Korea?

No. Justin Bieber's (supposed) concert tour in North Korea in 2010 was just a hoax.

As per, it all started with an alleged contest organized by a site called that allowed fans to vote on which country he should visit on an upcoming leg of his My World Tour, with absolutely no restrictions. That proved advantageous for the jokesters over at the notorious 4chan message board, who encouraged folks to vote for North Korea — the communist nation where citizens are denied Internet access and the media is strictly controlled by the government.

Within days, North Korea climbed the charts, and by the time the contest ended, it had leapfrogged Israel to claim the top spot. Of course, the Internet went insane once again, and some media outlets even reported that the contest was real.

But while the idea of Bieber performing for Kim Jong-il is certainly hilarious, it's not actually true. Sure, North Korea may have won the Faxo contest, but the contest was in no way sanctioned by Bieber or anyone in his camp, according to a statement e-mailed to MTV News.

"It was a spoof site," a spokesperson for Bieber wrote. "This is not a legitimate contest."

So, sadly, the Justin Bieber North Korea concert will not come to fruition, which the Internet attributed to something other than the contest's illegitimacy.

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