Is Jared Kushner an observant Jew?

Yes. Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s Orthodox son-in-law, is an observant Jew.

Back in 2009, Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism for her then fiance, Jared Kushner - businessman and New York Observer owner.

Kushner and Trump split briefly in early 2008 after dating for over a year, reportedly over Kushner family concerns that Trump was not Jewish. They reconciled shortly thereafter and she has since been studying for conversion.

Kushner’s name may carry as much renown in Jewish circles as it does in the world of real estate, where he has helped grow his family’s extensive fortune.

The family foundation named for his parents, the Seryl and Charles Kushner Family Foundation, gives away more than $2 million a year, with a significant chunk going to Jewish causes.

An Orthodox Jewish elementary school and high school in New Jersey carry the Kushner family name, the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School. Both schools in Livingston are named for Kushner’s Holocaust survivor grandparents.

In the news: Jared Kushner apparently registered to vote as a female, according to his publicly accessible 2009 New York state voter information.

The records held by the New York State Board of Elections show Jared Corey Kushner is registered to vote as a female. Read more at