Is betty broderick still in prison

Yes. Based on the reports in 2010 when she had a parole hearing, her emotions we're still the same as 20 years ago. According to Robert Doyle (Board of Prison Terms Commissioner) she's still angry and her heart is still bitter. The parole denial was for the maximum term possible, another 15 years behind bars, however she can still reapply for release in three years if she makes progress.

Facts that were never in dispute, seven months after Daniel Broderick won full custody of their children and married Linda Kolkena in April 1989; Betty Broderick walked into the couple's bedroom and fired a 38-caliber pistol five times. Wherein Linda Broderick died instantly while Dan Broderick was shot in the chest and died more slowly as his lungs filled up with blood. Betty Broderick cut the telephone extension from the wall so he could not call for help, according to testimony. During the hearing in 2010 she said that she didn't have any bullet that’s why she didn't commit suicide, as she said she'd planned to.

According to the testimony, she had purchased the gun a month before her husband remarried and practiced shooting. She also took her daughter's key to sneak into a house that she was forbidden to enter (under a restraining order) and made threats.

In parole news, Gov. Corbett will sign into law House Bill 492 that revises the language of the Pennsylvania Crime Victims Act of 1998 to allow victims — or a victim’s representative (in cases where the victim is deceased) to appear in person and provide testimony before the state parole board prior to inmate release decisions. Introduced by state Rep. Mike Vereb, R-150th District, the law aims to give crime victims a louder voice during the parole process.

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