Is a mosquito a omnivore, carnivore, or herbivore

It's quite tricky. Mosquitoes are part of the food chain as larvae and adults. The larvae feed on algae, and detritus, and are therefore “Herbivores”. Some mosquito larvae are "Carnivores”, because they eat other mosquito larvae.

As adults, mosquitoes feed on plant nectar for energy, and are therefore “Herbivores”. They help pollinate some flowers, when they consume nectar.

Mosquitoes can have both positive and negative impacts on the ecosystem. As part of their useful role, the larvae of mosquitoes live in water and provide food for fish and other wildlife, including larger larvae of other species such as dragonflies.

Adult mosquitoes make up part of the diet of some insect-eating animals, such as birds, bats, adult dragonflies and spiders. Learn more about mosquitoes' role in the ecosystem at

A glorious summer day is an invitation to be outside for hours on end—but constant swatting, slapping, and scratching from a mosquito attack can ruin even the best days—not to mention mosquitoes can also carry dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus. Check out some tips on how to prevent mosquito bites at

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