If a 1 gallon jug was filled with dimes, what would be your estimate of roughly how much money would be in it?

Here's our best estimate: 8904 dimes.

Dime, the smallest, thinnest coin in use today has the following specifications:

Weight: 2.268 g

Diameter: 0.705 in (17.91 mm)

Thickness: 1.35 mm

Get the volume of the dime using the formula: VOLUME = π * (radius)² * height

Plug in the numbers:

V = 3.14159 * (8.955 mm)² * 1.35 mm

V = 3.14159 * 80.192025 mm * 1.35 mm

V = 340.10641343226 mm³

We know that 1 gallon = 3785412 mm³ - Metric-Conversions.org

Now, divide the volume of the jug by the volume of a dime:

3785412 mm³ / 340.10641343226 mm³


But since they don't fit in perfectly, you are really looking at less. Upon estimation, they pack about 80% efficiently.

Now, divide your estimate for the volume of a penny into 80% of the volume of the jug.

80% of 3785412 mm³ = 3028329.6 mm³

3028329.6 mm³ / 340.10641343226 mm³

8904.06496437 dimes.

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