How many twenty dollar bills does it take to get to two thousand dollars

To get to $2,000, you need to have 100 (pcs) $20 bills.

20 dollar billBut your money could be worth more than you think, thanks to eight tiny numbers. According to, most people don't even notice the serial number printed on their dollars. But currency collectors do, — and some are ‘willing to pay big bucks’ for an especially unusual number.

Solid numbers, for example, are made of the same digits- like 88888888—and can go for an upwards of $3,000. Then there are "ladders," or numbers going in sequence like 12345678. These can go for as much as $1,300. A “radar" is a palindrome, like 35299253, those only go for $20-40, and "repeaters" are notes with two blocks of the same four digits, like 41884188. shares seventeen types of bills that are worth more than their face value to collectors, and can be found in regularly circulated bills.

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