How much is walmart money transfer fee?

The recently launched "Walmart-2-Walmart" money-transfer service costs $9.50 to transfer $50 to $200 between any two stores.

If you want to transfer through Moneygram, the price depends primarily on the amount of cash and the location the money will be sent.

Use Walmart Moneygram’s cost estimator tool to see how much you’ll expect to pay for each transaction.

Other ways to transfer:

10-Minute Transfer (Using your credit or debit card):

  • Send $100 for as low as $9.50
  • Transfer Amount $1 - $899.99

Transfers can be received at any:

4-Hour Transfer (Using your U.S. checking account):

  • Send $100 for as low as $11.00
  • Transfer Amount $50 - $499.99

In the news, Facebook has been working since at least late last year on a European-wide service that would allow end users to store and transfer money on the site. Read more at Forbes.

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