how much does an illinois fishing license from walmart cost?

Cost of fishing license varies in each state. Some suggest that they have paid as little as $20 for an annual permit at Walmart. However, to obtain more accurate rates, you will need to contact your local Walmart branch.

You can get your license directly from DNR Direct license and permit vendors, online through the IDNR website, or by calling 1-888-6PERMIT (1-888-673-7648).

For online sales and a list of vendors, see:

Here are the current Fees for fishing licenses in Illinois:

Resident sport fishing, annual $15.00

Resident Sport Fish, 65 and older $7.75

Resident and non-resident sport fishing (24-hour) $5.50

Non-resident sport fishing (10 days) $20.00

Non-resident sport fishing (annual) $31.50

Sportsman's License (combined hunting and fishing licenses) $26.25

Senior Sportsman's License (combined hunting and fishing licenses) $13.50

Lake Michigan Salmon Stamp (licensed anglers only) $6.50

Inland Trout Stamp (all waters except Lake Michigan; licensed anglers only) $6.50

Resident lifetime sport fishing $435.00

Resident lifetime combined (hunting and fishing) $765.00

View other license and permit fee information at:

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Friday, April 29 2016


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