How much does Aaron carter weigh?

Aaron Carter weighs just 115 pounds (8 stone 2 pounds). He is 6 ft tall, and is 35 pounds underweight for a man of his height.

Aaron Charles Carter was born December 7, 1987 in Tampa, Florida. He is the younger brother of Nick Carter (the Backstreet Boys) and has three sisters.

Carter began his music career at age seven, singing lead for the band "Dead End" for two years. He made his first solo appearance when he was 9, opening for the Backstreet Boys in Berlin in March 1997. The performance was followed by a record contract and, in the fall of 1997, he released his first single, "Crush On You".

He is also an actor. His TV appearances include Lizzie McGuire (2001), Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) and 7th Heaven (1996). His first lead role in a feature was in Popstar (2005).

In celebrity buzz, Aaron Carter has revealed he fears he is HIV positive in an emotional TV appearance.

The former child star joined the medical series The Doctors to address his health concerns, undergoing a series of sexually transmitted disease tests, drug checks and scans.

And the 29-year-old confessed to the doctors on the show that he fears he may be HIV positive due to his weight.

When asked why he thinks he could be HIV positive, Aaron says in a clip first obtained by the Mail Online: ”Because I’m so skinny, I’m still so skinny. And that was the biggest one for me.’ Catch more scoop at Metro.

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