How many towns are there called Auburn in the united states

What we found are 31 places named Auburn in America:

Auburn – Wyoming, Auburn - West Virginia, Auburn – Washington, Auburn - Virginia, Auburn - Texas, Auburn - South Carolina, Auburn - Rhode Island, Auburn – Pennsylvania, Auburn – Ohio, Auburn - North Dakota, Auburn - North Carolina, Auburn - New York, Auburn - New Jersey, Auburn - New Hampshire, Auburn - Nebraska,
Auburn - Missouri, Auburn – Mississippi, Auburn – Michigan, Auburn – Massachusetts, Auburn – Maine, Auburn - Kentucky, Auburn – Kansas, Auburn - Iowa , Auburn – Indiana, Auburn – Illinois, Auburn – Georgia, Auburn – Florida, Auburn – Delaware, Auburn – Colorado, Auburn – California, and Auburn – Alabama

In total there are 35 places in the world named Auburn:

Places called Auburn in Australia:

Auburn - Victoria
Auburn - South Australia
Auburn - New South Wales

Place called Auburn in Ireland:

Auburn - Westmeath - Ireland

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