How many of the original Isley Bros r still alive?

Band members that are still alive (5 members) are Ronald, Rudolph, Ernie, Chris Jasper, and Everett Collins.

Initially, the first generation of The Isley Brothers was just a gospel quartet comprised of Ronald, Rudolph, O'Kelly, and Vernon Isley, in the early 50's (around their teenage years). Sadly, Vernon died in 1955 after being hit by a car on his bicycle.

After the accident, Ronald was tapped as the remaining trio's lead vocalist. Throughout the years they've continued to perform and they've also been into the Top 40 with their first record, "Shout", as well as their 1962 single Twist and Shout" (originally by the Topnotes).

In 1969, the group welcomed a number of new members as younger brothers Ernie and Marvin, brother-in-law Chris Jasper, and family friend Everett Collins.

On March 31, 1986, O'Kelly died of a heart attack, while on June 6, 2010 Marvin died of complications from diabetes.

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