How do you say i love you in vulcan?

“I Love You” in Vulcan is Wani ra yana ro aisha.

Golic Vulcan is one of the created languages of the Vulcan race from the science fiction series Star Trek. It was cautiously crafted over many years by Mark R. Gardner and other collaborators in the Vulcan Language Institute, which has been obsolete since the latter half of 2008.

The core features of the language including syntax, the phonology and the basis for the morphology are creative extrapolations from the Vulcan language dialog heard in the feature films.

Notable features of the language:

  • Lexicon of 12,000+ terms
  • VSO
  • Pro-drop and contextually omitted copula
  • Pervasive compounding in nouns
  • Standard and short or flat vowel contrasts are traditionally common however not sharply distinguished in all cases in modern speech. Long vowels also exist (cf: maat), however are far less common.
  • Enclitic adverbial prefixes and prepositions
  • Unusual onset consonant clusters (cf: psth-, fn-, tv-)

Check out the Vulcan Language Dictionary here.

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Thursday, February 20 2014


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