How do you make an adhesive brᶐ sticky again?

According to, the secret for getting back that sticky feeling is to wash it with soap and water.

After every use, rinse the brą cups with warm water and some soap to make sure all skin oils and residue come off. Also, scrub off any random bits that got caught in the adhesive. This tip should make your sticky brą usable for, well, ever!

Certain fashion struggles can be so real — like what undies are most comfy under a tight pair of jeans, or how exactly to wear a blanket scarf (still working on that one).

Along with these wardrobe issues is the infamous strapless brą dilemma that many women face, which is how to actually make strapless brąs stay in place whenever wearing those collarbone-baring tops and dresses. Keep strapless brąs in place & actually make them comfy with these 9 hacks shared by

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Thursday, March 23 2017