How do i get to the secret lake on bass masters classic pro edition for the snes?

The Secret Lake is located at the northeast part of Sydney Lake.

Here's how to get there:

Go to the northeast part of Sydney Lake. You will see that the bottom of this area is made up of a group of little rocks. You can work your way through these rocks in the southeast direction.

The rocks will soon turn into a sort of pathway that goes south. Go straight south as possible as you reach this pathway. Once you are through, you will reach a small area of the lake. This is the "Secret Lake." You can catch the monster bass here.

To catch monster bass, you will need to choose the Grub as your lure and also use the 100 lb. fishing line. Cast the lure into the deepest area of the water. Make the lure do the wiggling type movement that attracts the fish. The monster bass should appear fairly quickly. It will be a big, ugly, reddish-brown colored bass. Catch this bass and you will win this tournament very easily.

Please note that you can only catch one monster bass per day. If the monster bass gets away, go out to the normal part of the lake, cast your line a few times, then go back to the secret section and try again.

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