Does rocking back and forth make it easier to poop?

Not Medical Advice: Yes. Rocking back and forth while sitting solidly on the toilet may facilitate stove movement.

Of interest, a German author has rocked the nation with her theories on how to defecate - and we'll all have to start learning again from the bottom.

The humble toilet is a standard installation in our homes, but it might not be helping us have the healthiest bowels we can, according to an author who is an expert in bowel movements.

In fact, we should ditch the throne and squat down to defecate, according to Giulia Enders.

Various studies have been carried out, apparently, showing that we can simply poo more efficiently if we squat.

Sitting, rather than crouching while doing your business unnecessarily prolongs the process and may explain why haemorrhoids and bowel diseases like diverticulitis are more common in Europe than in Asia. Find out more at Mirror.

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