Does Alaska stay dark for six consecutive months

Alaska doesn’t stay dark for 6 months, though some parts such as Barrow (located on the northern tip of the west coast of Alaska) experience between 51-67 days with no sun beginning in November and ending in January. However that's the extreme, and winter's long nights become shorter the farther south one goes.

During summer, for at least one day at the solstice all of Arctic Alaska gets 24-hour sunlight. Barrow has continuous daylight for 85 days.

According to Alaska may have lower temperatures, however Barrow seems colder due to winds blowing off of the Arctic Ocean, and it is uncommon to see a wind speed below 10 mph. Even though Barrow has an intense cold and weeks of no sun, it is a home to one of the world's largest Inupiat Eskimo settlements, having 4,500 people.

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