Did will smith's son Jaden Smith really die?

No. Jaden Smith is the latest victim of a social media hoax.

Jaden Smith is not dead but rumors of his death have been making the rounds on Facebook for weeks. A recent hoax involves a fake video of Jaden Smith committing sưicide by hanging where he purportedly says goodbye to his father, Will Smith.

Despite having a new TV show on Netflix coming out this month and doing red carpet with his father Will, who appears in Sưicide Squad, many people are falling for the viral hoax.

The hoax involves getting permission to post on the user’s Facebook page. Therefore, many people are seeing the news on the feed of their friends, which makes the fake story seem more credible. Read more of the report at The Inquisitr‎.

Check out some of the most memorable death hoaxes targeting celebrities featured at NY Daily News.

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Wednesday, August 10 2016
Source: http://bit.ly/2aWlGax