Cluck cluck quack quack riddle

Can you decipher this rebus?

Cluck Cluck
Quack Quack
Gobble Gobble


Foul (Fowl) Language

Rebus, representation of a word or syllable by a picture of an object the name of which resembles in sound the represented word or syllable. Several rebuses may be combined—in a single device or successively—to make a phrase or sentence. Literary rebuses use letters, numbers, musical notes, or specially placed words to make sentences. Complex rebuses combine pictures and letters. Rebuses may convey direct meanings, especially to inform or instruct illiterate people; or they may deliberately conceal meanings, to inform only the initiated or to puzzle and amuse.

If you've never met rebus puzzles before, then this quick introduction will explain all you need to know. They are essentially little pictures, often made with letters and words, which cryptically represent a word, phrase, or saying. This page explains – with the help of examples – eight of the main ways in which a rebus puzzle might encode its solution.

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