Are a persons arms and legs the same length?

No. The human species is distinguished from the non-human primates by several anatomical features. Among these are proportions of the arms and legs relative to total body length.

In proportion to total body length, measured as stature, modern human adults have relatively long legs and short arms. Quantitative differences between adult humans, chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), and bonobos (Pan paniscus) are given here.

A study in the “American Journal of Anatomy” published in 1973 contains data useful in determining the correlation between arm length and leg length.

The study showed that the correlation between arm and leg length for Caucasians was 1.2 millimeters of leg length for every 1 millimeter of arm length.

African immigrants to the UK had 3.4 millimeters of leg length for every millimeter of arm length, and immigrants from Hong Kong had 0.77 millimeters of leg length for each millimeter of arm length.

For more info, see Leg Length, Body Proportion, and Health: A Review with a Note on Beauty by Barry Bogin and Maria Inês Varela-Silva.

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