Words that can describe a person that begin with the letter k

Here are some of the words that can describe a person that start with the letter "K"

  • Kind - sympathetic, friendly, gentle, tenderhearted
  • Kind-hearted - having kindness of nature
  • Keen - sharp-witted eager, enthusiastic or very interested.
  • Kempt - neat, tidy, well-groomed
  • Knowledgeable - intelligent, smart, well-informed
  • Kooky - bizarre, odd, weird, silly, eccentric, crazy
  • Kissable - lovable, cuddlesome

K was the 11th character of the ancient Semitic alphabets, a position it still retains in our current character set. The letter K has remained virtually unchanged for the last 3 thousand years or so. Learn more about this letter at Fonts.com.

The letter K was glad to have its brethren back in the fold as Turkey apparently legalized the use of the letters Q, W, and X. Read more at Slate Magazine.

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