With a house what does it mean when they say gfa heating

GFA stands for "Gas Forced Air". It is a traditional type of residential heating that has been around for a long time.

According to HydronicHeating, forced air has the ability to quickly raise temperatures. Since this method of heating has been around so long, there are many furnaces to choose from in all levels of efficiency, as well as best construction practices to make the most of the heat.

Unfortunately, air ducts in conventional forced air systems are notoriously hard to seal completely. This means that a good deal of heat is lost before it reaches its destination point. These traditional ducts should always be placed within the conditioned part of the home, otherwise the heat loss can be even more severe if they are run through areas like unconditioned attic space.

What is the best forced-air furnace to buy? Find furnace buying guide and tips that will help you choose between the major brands to find the right heater for your home and budget at HomeTips.com.

Of interest, today’s more-efficient gas furnaces can save you up to $40 for every $100 you spend on fuel compared with older models. That means that even though replacing a furnace can be expensive, your costs will be paid back over time through lower energy bills.

Reliability is especially important because when a furnace failed, 77 percent needed significant work. A majority of those broke down completely, with nearly a third producing no heat for more than a day. For 40 percent, the repair cost $150 or more. Read more at ConsumerReports.org.

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Tuesday, October 07 2014
Source: http://www.hydronicheating.net/hydronic-vs-gfa.html