Will drinking rooibos tea help me with my constipation ?

Not medical advice: Studies show that rooibos tea can not only help relieve constipation, but has been used for generations to treat colic, allergies, and digestive problems. The naturally caffeine-free tea also contains antioxidants which help boost the immune system and protect tissues and cells from oxidative damage.

Rooibos tea is prepared from the leaves of the rooibos tree only grown in an area northwest of Capetown, South Africa. It first gained popularity during World War II when allied nations struggled to obtain tea from Asian countries. Tree extract is found in cosmetics and soap. A recent Dr. Oz episode revealed the tea’s ability to make nails stronger if consumed daily.

5 years ago rooibos tea was considered a niche product. Due to consumers looking for alternatives to sugary and caffeinated drinks, Tetley under its Red Bush label sells 300 tons of the tea. Specialty teas including rooibos tea make up about 9% of the $2.1 billion tea industry in the United States.

Rooibos tea. Splendid warming cuppa.

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