Why was Hank Williams Sr banned from the Grand Ole Opry?

Hank Williams took to the microphone for his Grand Ole Opry debut on June 11, 1949. In 1952, Hank’s unreliability and alcohol abuse cost him his membership in the Opry, just three years after his triumphant debut.

Williams was only 25 years old when he was invited to appear for the first time on the Grand Ole Opry.

It was the Opry’s biggest competition, The Louisiana Hayride, that first exposed Williams to a wide radio audience, but when his 1949 record “Lovesick Blues” became a monumental popular hit, the powers that be in Nashville relented, and Williams made his Opry debut.

His performance on that day in 1949, during which he performed six encores of “Lovesick Blues” led to regular appearances over the next three years, until the Opry fired Williams in July 1952 over his heavy drinking.

Two months later, Hank Williams died of alcohol-induced heart failure at the age of 29. See more on History.com.

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