Why doesnt giant eagle carry lowes gift cards

Giant Eagle just added Lowe's gift cards back. To buy online, click here.

The Gift Card Gallery by Giant Eagle has hundreds of name brand retailer gift cards available. To see complete list of gift cards, visit: giftcards.gianteagle.com.

You can earn 20¢ Fuelperks for every $50 you spend on all 200+ third party gift cards.

To check your Lowe's Gift Card balance, visit lowes.com/giftcards, call 1-800-560-7172, or see the Customer Service Desk in any Lowe's store.

Giant Eagle carries a vast array of groceries and features a full-service pharmacy, bakery, dry cleaners, deli, and cheese shop.

Find your nearest store using Giant Eagle - Store Locator tool.

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Check out 3 tips to get the most value out of gift cards, shared by Clark Howard.

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