Why does north korea want to bomb america?

North Korea says that a nuclear attack on the US mainland, and American military installations in the Pacific islands of Hawaii and Guam is imminent in response to US aircraft that have recently flown over the Korean Peninsula during joint military exercises with South Korea. They say they feel threatened by the training missions.

In response to the promises of war, the Pentagon has announced that it would be deploying an advanced missile defense system to Guam as a "precautionary move" to protect American military forces from North Korean missile attacks.

North Korea's defense chief recently announced that the country had moved a missile to its east coast possibly "for demonstration or for training." Even though the weapon has a "considerable" range experts do not believe that it or any other of the country's warheads pose any danger to the US.

Just in- New satellite photos suggest that there is evidence that North Korea has restarted its plutonium production reactor at Yongbyon. The 5 MWe reactor has the ability to produce fissile material for new nuclear bombs, but has been closed down since 2007.

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Monday, April 08 2013
Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/100615480