Why does hair dye make your finger nails hurt if you dont wear gloves while dying it?

Not Medical Advice: What we found is that hair dyes have chemical contents that can cause irritations or allergies on skin during direct contact.

Sources suggest that the main cause implicated in hair dye allergies, whether on the scalp, face, neck, back or hands, is a substance commonly known as PPD (4-ParaPhenyleneDiamine, C6H8N2).

Hair dyes producers may use misleading terms and users are always advised to discuss this terminology with a hair styling professional or even a doctor in the event of an allergy. “Hypoallergenic” hair dyes are less likely to cause allergies but an allergic reaction is still possible. “Fragrances free or unscented” only means the product has no odor but this does not necessarily mean that it is devoid of an allergenic properties.

A hair dye that is completely “natural” can still trigger an allergic reaction in a sensitive person – it is a matter of individual susceptibility even though majority of the population may not experience any reaction.

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Thursday, July 13 2017
Source: http://www.healthhype.com/hair-dye-allergies.html