Why do people love arts and crafts

People who loves arts and crafts are the ones who love working with different materials and textures and combining them into something that looks beautiful.

It gives satisfaction knowing you did something from scratch and since it is not bought from the store, it is uniquely yours.

The rise of industrialization kindled the rise of the Arts and Crafts movement which originated in Britain during the late 19th century when people become totally fed up with machines. It is during this time when manufacturers could make a lot of stuff for a lot of people without thinking too much about the finished product.

William Morris (1843-1896), a writer and textile artist, believed that the advances in machinery diminished our creativity. He believed we must master the machine so it could enhance our craftsmanship. He championed in the era of English Arts and Crafts and advocated visible artisanship such as hammer marks on metal or exposed bolts and hardware on furniture legs.

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