Why did actor Nick Adams commit suicide?

Actor Nick Adams’ death certificate was changed several times from homicide to suicide to undetermined.

Nick Adams was found dead on Feb. 7, 1968, apparently, of a drug overdose. The actor was supposed to meet with his lawyer and friend, Erwin Roeder but never showed up. Roeder drove to Nick’s house at 2126 El Roble Lane, West Los Angeles. He found Nick's car in the garage, but no sign of life in the house.

Roeder broke a window and discovered Nick dead in his bedroom, slumped against a wall.

Dr. Thomas Noguchi performed the autopsy and found paraldehyde "in the organs, mixed with sedatives and other drugs - enough to cause instant unconsciousness."

This is a drug to battle alcoholism, but Nick was not a known drinker. No needle mark, pills or weapons were found around his body. But several personal items were missing (his journals, a bronze replica of the hat he wore in his TV series "The Rebel”, the typewriter James Dean had given him and tape recordings.

It's still considered a mystery, and officially it was listed as accidental suicide.

Playwright Allyson Adams, Nick's daughter, believes her father didn't commit suicide. "He always bounced back. I know my dad could go low and he was having a terrible time in his life personally and career wise, but he was a fighter. Everybody who knew my dad said that nobody was tougher than Nick."

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Monday, February 16 2015
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