Who was the male host of what not to wear before clinton kelly?

Stacy London's first-season co-host was Wayne Scot Lukas, however he was not brought back so Clinton Kelly joined her in the “What Not to Wear” second season.

TLC's What Not To Wear is a reality show where friends and family members nominate a candidate they consider poorly dressed and ask the show to make over the "fashion victim."

Stacy London and her partner on the show, Clinton Kelly (or Wayne Scott Lukas in the first season) ambush the contestant and make them an offer-- they are given a $5,000 budget for new clothing, which they must purchase in New York City boutiques over the course of two days, however only on the condition that they allow Stacy & Clinton to critique, and in most cases get rid of, their existing wardrobe.

Famed stylist Stacy London admits she has bittersweet feelings about wrapping up her wildly popular New York-based makeover show "What Not to Wear" after 10 seasons. Find out more at UPI.