Who sing da hit R&B song 'John Doe'?

The song "John Doe" was sung by the R&B group Public Announcement.

Public Announcement is a hip hop and R&B group, formed in the early 90’s in Chicago, Illinois, originally backing singer R. Kelly on their first album. Public Announcement signed with Jive Records after R. Kelly met the members from Public Announcement and auditioned the group to be his back-up singers and dancers.

The group was originally R. Kelly backed up by Glenn Wright, Earl Robinson, & Andre Boykins.

In 1998, Public Announcement made their solo debut with "All Work, No Play", scoring a Top 10 hit with the single "Body Bumpin' Yippie-Yi-Yo." Kelly moved on to contemporary R&B fame while the group remained in semi-retirement until late 2000 when they released their sophomore album, Don't Hold Back.

When the Smoke Clears was their third album, appearing in 2005 on the Boss Entertainment label.

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