Who owns the clothing line ''Coogi''?

Coogi shifted ownership from its founder, Australian designer Jacky Taranto to U.S. investors Norman Weisfeld, Bruce Weisfeld and Jimmy Khezri in 2001. Taranto was faced with 25 million dollars debt that forced him to liquidate the Coogi Ownership.

The clothing line was initially called Cuggi, but was changed to Coogi in an effort to upturn the brand's popularity. Muhammad Ali and John Denver were among the first celebrities to wear the intricate threads while Bill Cosby made the sweaters enormously popular by wearing them on the long running The Cosby Show.

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In clothing buzz, a new report by the environmental group Greenpeace says the kids' clothes made in China's two largest children's wear production bases contain hazardous chemicals that pose potential health risks for children. Read more at USA TODAY.

Daymond John owns the company FUBU and COOGI

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