Who owns chipotle mexican grill?

Chipotle was founded by Steve Ells in 1993. He is Chipotle’s chairman in addition to being a co-CEO and one of the company's major direct holders, along with Montgomery Moran, Albert Baldocchi, Jack Hartung and Patrick Flynn Jr.

The majority shareholder is often the founder of the company, or in the case of long-established businesses, the founder's descendants. By virtue of controlling more than half of the voting interests in the company, the majority shareholder has a very significant influence in the business operations and strategic direction of the company.

Chipotle, like any other large companies, has institutional owners and holders. Institutional ownership is the amount of a company’s available stock owned by mutual or pension funds, insurance companies, investment firms, private foundations, endowments or other large entities that manage funds on the behalf of others.

For more details, here's an overview of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG) ownership.

The story of Chipotle’s meteoric rise is known to many. In Ells’s telling, the company has thrived on high-quality food and engaged workers — and because Ells created a highly efficient way to cook, one that had nothing to do with the established, freeze-heat-and-serve fast-food model. The funny thing is, Ells never really wanted to spend much time in the burrito business at all.

Take a look at Chipotle's humble beginnings with Bloomberg's publication: Chipotle: The Definitive Oral History.

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