Who is the girl in the Bad Boy Mower commercials?

The name of the girl featured on the Bad Boy Mower's Stronger Commercial (one of four commercials from Bad Boy Mowers for spring 2013) is Kelly Fitzwilliam. She is Bad Boy Mower's model and spokesperson who visits Wichita Tractor for their annual open house.

Bad Boy Mower is one of the fastest growing zero turn mower companies in the world. They have invested heavily in the latest in world-class automation, as well as steel fabricating lasers, cutters, benders and welders and paired it with the hardened and skilled work ethic of a workforce that takes as much pride in building their lawn mowers as you’ll have in owning one.

From The Washington Post, mall lawn-mower man Chris Cox sets an example for the nation, this is after he was spotted outside the Lincoln Memorial mowing the grass, picking up the slack during the federal shutdown. Find out more here.

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