Where is the year model located on a Yamaha breeze?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which includes details, such as the manufacturer, model, year, engine and transmission types, etc. is stamped on the frame near the left-hand footrest.

Suzuki and Yamaha assign a year letter code to the end of each model name. Perhaps you’ve noticed this letter designation in your Suzuki or Yamaha repair manual or owner’s manual but weren’t sure what it meant. Check out the Suzuki and Yamaha year code letter designations at Cyclepedia.com.

ATVs and UTVs represent a significant investment for any sportsman. Just like your truck, your home or anything else you spend a big chunk of change on, you want it to last for as long as it can. You need to take care of these items and, on occasion, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

A little time spent on your ATV in the garage can save you hours of aggravation in the backcountry. And it’s not that difficult as manufacturers are making machines easier to work on and with better components and materials than ever before. Check out 10 tips to extend the life of your ATV at Gameandfishmag.com.

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