Where is a good place to find sexting partners?

Must Be 18:

After searching around some social media sites, we found that livejournal has some "communities" dedicated to people who are looking to meet up with people who are interested in sexy encounters through instant messages; this is generally referred to as Cybersex.

While these communities are focused on the various IM apps like AIM, and MSN, you could place a "personal ad" to ask if someone wanted to connect via text message. As well, if you have one of the modern "smart phones" like an iPhone or Android based phone, you can download Instant Message apps that will let you connect to others using the same software.

For AIM you can check out the AOL_Sex community.

For MSG you can check out the MSN_Sex community.

For YIM you can check out the YAHOO_Sex community.

Updated on Friday, May 04 2012 at 11:45AM EDT
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