Where does ginseng grow in ohio?

American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) is found in the woodlands of Ohio and grows primarily in the southeastern, Appalachian region of the state.

Known as Ohio’s "green gold", its growing locations outside Ohio include the eastern half of the United States, from Quebec to Minnesota and south to Georgia and Oklahoma.

Ginseng favors north and east-facing spots on well-drained slopes under a forest shelter of approximately 70 to 90% shade. Locations where certain species of trees like sugar maple, tulip poplar, and black walnut tell that the site is great for ginseng productivity.

September 1 - December 31 is the harvest season for wild ginseng in Ohio. Green ginseng may be sold beginning on September 1 and dry ginseng may not be sold until after September 15.

Because ginseng is so valuable and poachers have turned it into something of an endangered species, questions about the herb's health benefits haven't cooled the red-hot market in wild American ginseng. Know more about the "root" of ginseng at Smithsonian.

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Monday, March 20 2017
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