Where can you get and exp share in the game pokemon shiny gold

According to forums, to obtain the Exp. Share, you need to get a Red Scale from the Red Gyarados at The Lake of Rage. When you have a Red Scale, go to Route 30 and talk to Mr. Pokemon. Give him the Red Scale and he will give you the Exp. Share.

Pokemon Shiny Gold is a Pokemon Hack Version that is based on Pokemon Fire Red Engine. This game features many differences with Pokemon Gold GBC and it has bigger pokedex with more Hoenn Pokemon.

Many gamers were first introduced to the world of Pokemon all the way back in 1996, when the first games launched. Since then, there have been 6 generations of the creatures released. Check out these 20 weird facts about Pokemon shared by Gamerant.com.

In latest buzz, You may not be able to tell with a quick glance, but there's a new shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Players in Japan first reported sightings of the shiny Pikachu at the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, and now it appears the adorable little electric mouse is making its way into the rest of the world. Find out more at Forbes.

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