Where can I find torkild in skyrim's dragonborn dlc

During the Filial Bonds quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-Dragonborn, you are asked to find Wulf Wild-Blood’s brother Torkild. Torkild will appear randomly while you are wandering around Solstheim.

While speaking to Torkild, he turns into a werebear and you will be forced to kill him. After he is killed, search his body and take the letter you find back to Wulf Wild-Blood. Wulf will thank you and give you a one point skill boost to all combat skills.

In recent Skyrim news, it was announced that the Dragonborn DLC will be available to PS3 users in January of 2013.

Sunday, December 30 2012
Source: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Dragonborn:Filial_Bonds