Where are the Cor-de-Rosa morganite mines?

Two main sources of morganite are Brazil and Madagascar, though other prominent sources include Afghanistan, China, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia and the United States.

I think these are Beryl? the pink is Morganite.Cor-De-Rosa Morganite comes from the African nation of Mozambique. The name cor-de-rosa is the Portuguese adjective meaning “pink”. It is also referred to as 'pink beryl' as it belongs to the group of beryl gems, which includes emerald and aquamarine. The shades of morganite range from pastel pink to feisty fuchsia to subtle apricot.

The availability of morganite is limited. It cannot sustain high market demands and thorough mining could quickly eat up existing resources.

One of the world's largest pieces of cut morganite (from Madagascar in 1913) was placed on permanent display at the Vault at the Natural History Museum in London on November 2007. The world’s largest faceted morganite is a 598.70-carat cushion cut gem and is currently in the collection of the British Museum.

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