Where are the area codes 767 and 268 from

Country codes 767 serves the entire island nation of Dominica while 268 covers Antigua and Barbuda.

Country codes are used to call an international phone number. While exit codes, also known as IDD International Direct Dialling codes or international access codes are used for calling out of your country. See a list of international country codes and exit codes here.

Just In! Houston is getting a new area code. The Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) recently announced that, due to the region's continual boom in population, Bayou City residents will receive area code 346 to help with an ever-growing demand for phone numbers. The new code will debut on July 1, 2014. Read more here.

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Thursday, January 23 2014
Source: http://area-codes.1keydata.com/area-codes-7.php